Comprehensive Roadside Assistance Plans – As Low As $45 – Call 800-334-3943 Now!

A little bit of planning can go a long way – especially when it comes to your car. Should you find yourself in a crunch, for example by locking your keys in your car, knowing that you have a Roadside Assistance plan through Texas State Low Cost will offer relief. But the best news is the price: we have six-month plans for as low as $45!

We have partnered with Nation Safe Drivers (NSD) for this product. Roadside Assistance through Texas State Low Cost covers all the common (and not so common) contingencies, including:

Emergency Tow Service – Your vehicle will be towed to a destination of your choice by an authorized towing service. Hook-up fee for tow is included in the amount of coverage.

Emergency Road Service – A provider is immediately dispatched to help you on the road.

Lock Out Service – If you happen to lock your keys in your car, NSD dispatches a locksmith to open your vehicle.

Mechanical First Aid – For minor adjustments, excluding parts.

Battery Service – If your battery dies, NSD immediately drives to you to start your car with a booster battery.

Tire Service – NSD changes your inflated spare should you get stuck with a flat.

Delivery Service – NSD delivers an emergency supply of gasoline, oil, water and other accessories and supplies. (The cost of the materials is paid for by customer.)

Theft Hit & Run Reward – NSD will reward a person $500 for information regarding a hit & run or theft of your vehicle.

Call Texas State Low Cost at 800-334-3943 to purchase your Roadside Assistance plan today!